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Awards for NOBACCO continue!


At NOBACCO, our commitment to improving the consumer experience is an integral part of our corporate DNA. We strive not only to provide outstanding vaping products but also to reward our consumers for the trust they show us daily. Thus, in our continuous search for innovative ideas, we shape the future of vaping by offering not only products but a comprehensive experience that reflects our expertise and experience. Therefore, every recognition that acknowledges our effort is a special joy for us.

Our dedication to quality and innovation recently earned us new prestigious awards at two separate events that took place recently.

Christmas Gift Guide: Best Gift Ideas for Vapers

Christmas Gift Guide: Οι καλύτερες ιδέες δώρων για ατμιστές

As the holidays approach, we're all on the hunt for the perfect gift for our loved ones. A gift showcases how much we care and how well we know the recipient. What could be better than gifting an electronic cigarette to someone trying to quit smoking or surprising a vaper with a new vaping device or useful accessory?

To avoid last-minute rushes, we've gathered and presented some gift ideas for all types of vapers and every budget!


If you don't smoke, don't vape!


Vaping products are an alternative means of nicotine intake, designed exclusively for adult smokers. They have been on the market for over 15 years, gaining more ground in consumer preference.

Therefore, the electronic cigarette is a tool created to assist smokers trying to break free from the harmful habit of traditional smoking. It is at least 95% less harmful than traditional smoking and potentially provides a safer alternative for nicotine intake. Proper use of vaping products has been proven to help smokers improve their quality of life.

Common Issues with E-cigarettes & How to Resolve Them

vaping problems

Vaping has solved many problems in your life – your addiction to cigarettes, the financial burden of traditional smoking, and most importantly, perhaps, the monotony in flavors. However, like any other technological device, your e-cigarette occasionally presents its own problems.

Leakage, liquid inhalation, or... 'peculiar' sounds? Don't worry – we're here to help! As long as your device and the e-liquid you use are certified and purchased from a reliable manufacturer, malfunctions are just an occasional phenomenon that may even teach you to use your device more effectively.

Below you will find a list of the most common problems your e-cigarette may face and how you can address them.

The Suitable Device for Every Vaper

The Suitable Device for Every Vaper

The world of vaping is filled with options. With a plethora of flavors and devices of different capabilities at their disposal, vapers can enjoy a solution that perfectly suits their preferences. The process of finding the right one, however, can be not only fun but also quite complex. Disposable or refillable? With a filter or without? The answer depends on what type you are! In this short guide, we have gathered the top device options that will accompany you ideally, no matter which category of vaper you identify with.


Disposable E-Cigarette: How It Works

Ηλεκτρονικό Τσιγάρο μιας χρήσης: πώς λειτουργεί

Comfort and flexibility are two concepts that dominate the daily lives of vapers ever since disposable vaping devices made their dynamic entry. Rightly so, these disposables, these small, practical devices, have conquered the market. You've probably seen them or already tried them - but have you ever wondered how they work?

Continue reading to learn everything about how disposable e-cigarettes work.


5 Myths and Truths about Disposable E-Cigarettes

5 Myths and Truths about Disposable E-Cigarettes

Disposable devices seem to be more than just another vaping trend – disposables are here to stay! However, as with any emerging trend, their introduction to the public is accompanied by a series of misunderstandings and a high level of skepticism. From rumors about their danger to their taste, myths about disposable e-cigarettes are numerous and diverse. Is it time to learn the truth? Keep reading to debunk them together.


7+1 Vaping Summer Tips

Vaping Summer Tips

August is approaching! Now is the perfect time to enjoy the wonderful weather and have fun by the sea. Social gatherings, beaches, parks, and concerts are just a few of the outdoor activities we can enjoy while vaping. Let's go through some important tips to keep in mind during the summer months:


mono 2, mono 0%, mono X: Find the Disposable That Fits You

mono family

Disposable devices have undeniably become the ultimate vaping trend in recent years. And rightfully so, as their advantages make the vaping experience even more enjoyable: they are flexible, easy to use, require no charging, complicated settings, or replacements, and offer a range of unique flavor options. Additionally, since all disposables come sealed and intact, you can be confident that the e-liquid remains unchanged and the flavor result is of high quality. Of course, all disposable devices can be recycled, ensuring that your favorite habit does not burden the environment in any way.

There are many available options of disposable devices on the market, which is why we have prepared a brief guide for you to choose the one that suits you perfectly and try the ultimate vaping trend.


Vaping and environment: a guide to recycling


The World Environment Day, on June 5th, concerns all of us! This is because we can build a “greener” world, by doing simple, everyday moves. This procedure contains vaping, of course, since our favorite habit doesn’t need to be against the planet.

At a first level, choosing vaping over smoking, is very important for the protection of the environment. Traditional smoking has huge environmental consequences, not only due to the demands of cultivating tobacco, but also the countless cigarette butts that are discarded every day, threatening the health of soil, water and marine life.

Since you’ve done the first step, learn how to make the vaping experience even more “green”, by adding to your vaping routine an important, last step: recycling! Below you will find guidelines on how to correctly recycle every piece of your kit.

Vaping trends: what should you try in 2023


Vaping always keeps evolving! Technology constantly offers innovations and new trends, you have at your disposal even more ways to enjoy your favorite habit.

Whether you ae an experienced vaper or not, trying new things is always fun! Original flavor combinations, new operating mechanisms, and innovative devices: all the trends of the vaping world are gathered for you! So, catch your device and keep reading to explore the most pleasurable vaping trends that you should definitely try this year.


5 reasons to try a disposable electronic cigarette


Maybe you have seen it shining in other vapers’ hands with its bright colors, or you can recognize it by its fruity smell: the disposable e-cig is trending in vapers’ hearts and marketplaces more than anything else the last years!


What flavor should I get for my e-cig?


Choosing a flavor for your electronic cigarette is not an easy case! The available flavors are so many, so you don’t know what to try first. This variety, though, is an enjoyable experience, and the hundreds of flavors that NOBACCO has to offer you, makes your experience even more interesting! Here are our suggestions to help you choose your flavor for your vaping device, according to your tastes.


First time with electronic cigarette? Learn how it works.


For a new vaper, the electronic cigarette can be both enjoyable and complex. The information you receive when buying your first device may seem too much: accessories, charging routines, refilling, adjusting the power… The reality is much simpler and the transition to vaping is easier, once you are familiar with the basic functions of your device. The following short guidelines will teach you how the electronic cigarette works and what does it consist of, so that you can enjoy your vaping experience even more.

Electronic cigarette for beginners: how to choose yours!


If you are new in the exciting world of vaping and electronic cigarette, it is likely that you have many questions: which device do I need? How am I going tο choose it? Is it difficult to use and maintain it?

Vaping is an enjoyable experience and we are here to help you live it at its most. So, we have prepared for you a mini shopping guide for beginners in the electronic cigarette.


NOBACCO “Brand of the Year” at UX | CX Awards 2022


In this year's UX | CX Awards, NOBACCO starred, winning the top title "Brand of the Year" for the effectiveness of the strategy, through which customers and users were offered a unique digital experience.

The top award of the event, that was held for the first time on Wednesday, November 2nd by Boussias communications, was accompanied by six more awards for NOBACCO. Amongst them, was the Platinum Award for the Best Use of Digital CX Solutions & UX Implementation, won for a project implemented in collaboration with Plushost.

It is important to know what you are vaping


Our priority at NOBACCO always is safety and quality. We are e-liquid specialists, and it is time we spoke about the raw materials, Aquarius Project and the model analysis laboratory we created in its facilities.


Voluntary Blood Donation 2022


Donating blood is a noble act of love and social sensitivity. By donating some of our blood, a doctor is given the opportunity to help a patient, a fellow human being, to improve their health. Blood cannot be technically produced, so donation is the only solution, but also the simplest.

With the message "Donate blood - Share life" Nobacco organized a voluntary blood donation day for its employees on Thursday, July 7, 2022. The donation took place in collaboration with the Cultural & Blood Donation Association of Koropi "Demosthenes".

Our volunteer team participated in this action with pleasure, and committed to repeat the donation at the first opportunity.



IQOS VEEV pods offer classic and aromatic flavors for your vaping. This variety satisfies every vaper, meeting their needs at all hours of the day!

May 31st: World No Tobacco Day

May 31st: World No Tobacco Day

World Health Organization (WHO) has established May 31st as World No Tobacco Day since 1987, with the aim of reminding people of the harmful effects of this habit, but also the benefits of quitting. Since then, more and more organizations, all over the world, carry out actions aimed at informing and awakening smokers, giving them motivation and ways to stop this harmful habit.

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