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Common Issues with E-cigarettes & How to Resolve Them

vaping problems

Vaping has solved many problems in your life – your addiction to cigarettes, the financial burden of traditional smoking, and most importantly, perhaps, the monotony in flavors. However, like any other technological device, your e-cigarette occasionally presents its own problems.

Leakage, liquid inhalation, or... 'peculiar' sounds? Don't worry – we're here to help! As long as your device and the e-liquid you use are certified and purchased from a reliable manufacturer, malfunctions are just an occasional phenomenon that may even teach you to use your device more effectively.

Below you will find a list of the most common problems your e-cigarette may face and how you can address them.


Liquid Leakage

In this case, it is important to determine where the leakage is coming from – from the tank and the base of the atomizer or from the air flow system? In the first case, make sure the atomizer is properly screwed onto the base and that the sealing rings are in place. In the second, check that the coil inside the atomizer is correctly positioned and that the leakage is not caused by the way you use your device: sharp and abrupt inhalation results in the violent entry of e-liquid into the coil and, consequently, its imperfect vaporization.


vaping problems


Unpleasant Taste

Perhaps one of the most common problems complained about by vapers. The characteristic 'burnt' taste may simply be an indication that the e-liquid in your device has run out. You only need to refill it to continue enjoying the same, unaltered flavor you love. Other times, however, the unpleasant 'burnt' taste from the first inhales indicates that the coil in your device has probably completed its 'life cycle' and it's time to replace it.


Liquid Inhalation

You've probably experienced this as a beginner vaper, even with a high-quality device. However, the problematic phenomenon of liquid inhalation is almost always due to incorrect usage. Pay attention to how and how much you fill your e-cigarette tank – as overfilling is a fundamental cause of e-liquid returning to the mouthpiece – but also to the way you inhale. Gentle and longer inhalations allow the refill liquid to vaporize properly.


vaping problems


Strange Noises

If your device sounds like it's trying to 'talk' to you... listen to it! Strange noises from the e-cigarette usually occur when e-liquid has entered places it shouldn't. Thoroughly clean all the holes of the device, check that you have connected the atomizer correctly to the battery, or that the e-liquid tank does not have leaks due to overfilling. Finally, if you're already experimenting with personalized settings, make sure the wattage you've selected on the battery is suitable for the coil you're using.


This brief guide will help you identify and resolve the most common problems with your device on your own – but don't forget that sometimes it's better to leave things to the experts. If you find things too challenging, the specialized team of Vaping Experts at NOBACCO are there to help you with any technical issue you encounter.


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