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Christmas Gift Guide: Best Gift Ideas for Vapers

Christmas Gift Guide: Οι καλύτερες ιδέες δώρων για ατμιστές

As the holidays approach, we're all on the hunt for the perfect gift for our loved ones. A gift showcases how much we care and how well we know the recipient. What could be better than gifting an electronic cigarette to someone trying to quit smoking or surprising a vaper with a new vaping device or useful accessory?

To avoid last-minute rushes, we've gathered and presented some gift ideas for all types of vapers and every budget!


For Beginners 

nobacco mono

If the recipient doesn’t have much experience with vaping, exploring options is key. In this case, the best gift would undoubtedly be disposables! Single-use devices are user-friendly, cost-effective, and offer a wide variety of flavors to gift and try them all!

We recommend the mono X disposable devices. They are automatic, require no charging or liquid refilling. They come in 6 unique flavors, allowing the recipient to choose based on their preferences. Check them all out here!

If you want to gift a disposable that offers the same experience without nicotine, then you're looking for the mono 0%, also available in 6 unique flavors. Discover them here!



For Those Looking to Quit Smoking

da one re1

If you have a friend or relative who sets the same goal every New Year or every Monday: "to quit smoking," the best gift you can give is to provide them with an extra boost to quit. This calls for a more powerful gift suggestion because breaking the habit is challenging.

For an experience that closely mimics the sensation of a traditional cigarette, the perfect gift is the DA ONE RE1 e-cigarette! Thanks to its sleek silhouette, aluminum construction, lightweight, and the option of using a soft tip mouthpiece, it's an ideal device for those transitioning from smoking. Find it in 4 colors: blue, lavender, green, and orange.

For an even more comprehensive gift, you can combine the RE1 device with a compatible mouthpiece and a compatible pod replacement atomizer.



For Experienced Vapers

nobacco eliquids

Those who have incorporated vaping into their lives know what they want and usually have favorite e-liquid flavors. It's time to gift them a more premium vaping experience by giving them e-liquids from Nobacco's Premium series.

Discover the e-liquids from the Premium Black Line and the Premium White Line and find the flavor and nicotine level that will impress your favorite vapers.

If you want an e-liquid that will upgrade their vaping experience, the Chroma series offers 13... colorful proposals for an original gift.



Don't Forget the Gift to Yourself!

nobacco privilege club

After remembering everyone else, don't forget to give yourself the best gift – and without any cost: membership in the NOBACCO Privilege Club.

Join the NOBACCO Privilege Club today and enjoy a range of privileges, discounts, and rich gifts with every purchase!

Sign up here for gifts that never stop coming!

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