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7+1 Vaping Summer Tips

Vaping Summer Tips

August is approaching! Now is the perfect time to enjoy the wonderful weather and have fun by the sea. Social gatherings, beaches, parks, and concerts are just a few of the outdoor activities we can enjoy while vaping. Let's go through some important tips to keep in mind during the summer months:


TIP #1: Avoid direct exposure of e-liquids to the sun

vaping summer tips

The first tip is to avoid exposing your e-liquids to the sun or heat for extended periods. This means you should avoid leaving your device inside vehicles or any place that can reach high temperatures during the summer.

Our favorite e-liquid can develop an unpleasant taste when exposed to temperatures above 40ºC due to the heat affecting its molecular structure. High temperatures can change the color and viscosity of the liquid, which may lead to leakage from your e-cigarette atomizer. Besides flavor and color changes, heat can also affect the nicotine content in the e-liquid.

Unfortunately, once our e-liquid starts to deteriorate from heat exposure, there is no way to restore it to its original state.


TIP #2: Keep batteries away from heat

vaping under sun

Batteries inside electronic cigarettes can become dangerous when exposed to high temperatures. Lithium-ion batteries can be damaged or even explode when subjected to high heat. Even if the worst doesn't happen, temperatures above 40ºC can cause damage to a lithium-ion battery, reducing its lifespan.

Therefore, it's important to be cautious about where we leave our e-cigarette and remove the batteries when not in use. As an additional precaution, we can store the batteries in a protective battery case.

If our device has a built-in battery, it's preferable to charge it in a shaded area using the appropriate wall charger.


TIP #3: Keep your e-cigarette as far away from water as possible

vaping in the pool

If we plan to visit the beach or swim in a pool, it's essential to do everything we can to keep our device away from water. We can place it inside a small waterproof case and seal it before heading to the beach.

Alternatively, we could consider getting a durable and waterproof device like the Innokin Adept Zlide, which completely eliminates the fear of exposing our device to water.


TIP #4: Avoid charging your e-cigarette in the car

car in the sun

On hot days, it's advisable to avoid charging your e-cigarette in the car for long periods. If unavoidable, we should monitor the charging process and never leave it under the hot windshield for extended hours.

During car charging, we can place it in a cool spot like the car glove compartment to avoid direct exposure to the sun. The risk may be minimal, but why risk overheating our batteries?

To avoid charging batteries in a hot car, make sure to charge them at home before the trip and keep them stored in a protective battery case.


TIP #5: Use a carrying case or bag for transportation and protection

summer bag

Considering the sun, the sea, and the sand, there is no better solution to keep our e-cigarette in optimal condition than carrying it in a convenient protective case or bag. Heat, water, excessive dust, and sand are all things to avoid in order to take care of our device. Water or sand can easily damage the LED screen or reduce visibility, while buttons can become stuck.

Additionally, a carrying bag not only protects our device but is also much more convenient for transporting it from the car to the beach or restaurant.


TIP #6: Atomizers may experience leaks

vaping atomizers

As the weather gets hotter, e-liquids tend to thin out. Any atomizer without new O-rings may start experiencing leaks. Even in a well-maintained atomizer, slight leaking from airflow holes is possible when it becomes excessively heated. This happens because heat thins out the liquid and slightly shrinks the O-rings. The combination of these two factors can lead to leaks in the atomizer.

If our atomizer has been leaking anyway, it might be time to upgrade to a new one for the summer. If leaks are observed, we can switch to e-liquids with a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin (VG) as it is thicker than propylene glycol (PG).

For those who prefer shake-and-vape e-liquids and add their own vaping bases, using 100% VG bases can be a solution. This way, our favorite e-liquids become thicker in consistency.

I hope these tips help you have an enjoyable vaping experience during the summer months. Stay safe and have a great time.


TIP #7: Enjoy summer flavors in your e-liquids


While winter is associated with warmer tobacco flavors, cakes, and wintery fruits, summer is an ideal time to try more refreshing options such as e-liquids with tropical fruits, the freshness of mint, or lemonade. They nicely accompany a nice beer, cocktails, and ice creams, uplift our mood, and help us get into the summer spirit.

An ideal solution is the refillable disposable e-cigarette Nobacco Crystal, which allows us to switch between e-liquids with a simple movement.


Bonus TIP: Always have a backup e-cigarette with us

mono family

Since summer is the season when we are mainly on the go, it's important to be prepared so that we don't find ourselves at the beach or during an outing without a charged battery or e-liquid. However, no matter how organized we are, it's possible to encounter one of the above situations. That's why NOBACCO recommends the mono disposable device.

With a battery life enough for up to 2000 puffs, 15 wonderful flavors, and cost from €5.50, you can continue your favorite habit without the worry of running out of your device or e-liquid. So, don't forget to always have a mono in your bag or car as a backup.


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