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Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility


In NOBACCO, we feel inseparably connected with the community in which we operate, we affect and are also affected by the conditions of our time and space of action. We recognize our responsibility towards society and the environment. Corporate Social Responsibility is of great importance to us and is reflected to our vision and values.

Our strategic planning is linked to our corporate responsibility in order to build the future we dream of!

In NOBACCO, Corporate Social Responsibility ensures that the expectations of all stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, local communities, etc.) are met in a balanced way, for the benefit of society and our company, according to our policy for sustainable development.

Internally, we emphasize in promoting the values of “fair play”, noble competition and collective effort.

For our customers, we focus on their needs and desires to provide superior quality, safety, reliability and unique customer service experience.

For society, we take responsible initiatives to relieve weaker groups and encourage corporate volunteering.

NOBACCO has so far implemented significant projects among which are the following:


H NOBACCO στηρίζει ομάδες Εθελοντών Πυροσβεστών
H NOBACCO στηρίζει τη Σχεδία και την Κιβωτό του Κόσμου
H NOBACCO χαρίζει χαμόγελα στην Κιβωτό του Κόσμου
H NOBACCO χαρίζει χαμόγελα στην Κιβωτό του Κόσμου
Η NOBACCO δίπλα στους πυρόπληκτους στο Μάτι
Η NOBACCO στο Ρουκ Ζουκ για καλό σκοπό
Η NOBACCO στηρίζει την Κιβωτό του Κόσμου!
Η NOBACCO στους μεγάλους Υποστηρικτές του 6ου Santa Run Chania

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