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Vaping trends: what should you try in 2023


Vaping always keeps evolving! Technology constantly offers innovations and new trends, you have at your disposal even more ways to enjoy your favorite habit.

Whether you ae an experienced vaper or not, trying new things is always fun! Original flavor combinations, new operating mechanisms, and innovative devices: all the trends of the vaping world are gathered for you! So, catch your device and keep reading to explore the most pleasurable vaping trends that you should definitely try this year.


  1. Disposable Electronic Cigarette

The ultimate vaping trend of the last years comes in a small size and promises limitless flexibility: the disposable electronic cigarette has conquered the hearts of thousands od vapers, since it is here to make their life easier. It is small, not heavy at all, and prefilled, allowing you to start vaping, with no need of charging or refilling with e-liquid. Why is it so popular? Because it is recyclable, affordable, and practical to carry all day long; you don’t have to invest in a larger device with complicated functions.


  1. Zero nicotine

Vapers are not afraid to say goodbye to nicotine. Now they can do it easily, without having to get rid of their favorite habit, since there are plenty e-liquids with no nicotine. If you use nicotine, don’t hesitate to try one of those – the resemblance with your traditional e-liquid will be a big surprise! Otherwise, you can combine the two big trends of the season, by choosing a disposable electronic cigarette with zero nicotine, in order to enjoy your favorite flavor without limits.


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  1. Hybrid device

If you already are a vaper, you might have dealt with the dilemma: prefilled or refillable pod? Lucky for you, the technological evolution gives you the opportunity to not having to choose only one of these options – just get a device that combines both! The hybrid device launches a new era in the vaping world. It allows you to choose between prefilled or refillable pod, adjusting your vaping  experience to your desire.


  1. Tobacco Flavors

The time when electronic cigarette meant exclusively fruity flavors has passed! Nowadays there is a big variety of flavors, so every single vaper’s tase can be met. Amongst this variety you can find a series of e-liquids inspired by traditional tobacco aromas, which gets enriched with new flavors. We suggest that you trust the hundreds of vapers who turn to a mature tasting experience and live the trend by trying Echo In Time - Intimate and Echo In Time - Old Fellow.


There are a lot of trends that give you the ability to enjoy a vaping experience beyond the usual. Will you be left behind?


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