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5 reasons to try a disposable electronic cigarette


Maybe you have seen it shining in other vapers’ hands with its bright colors, or you can recognize it by its fruity smell: the disposable e-cig is trending in vapers’ hearts and marketplaces more than anything else the last years!


What is the disposable e-cig?

A small and elegant device that comes in your hand already charged and prefilled with the e-liquid you choose. It can last up to 2000 puffs and after that the disposable device can be recycled at every Nobacco Shop, and you can freely continue your journey in the vaping world! This means that you do not need to recharge it, refill it with e-liquid or replace the coil, like you need to do when using other electronic cigarettes.



Why should you try a disposable electronic cigarette?


Because it is inexpensive

If you don’t like… commitments, a disposable is the perfect match for you, setting your own terms for your relationship with vaping! The disposables are of your interest, since they offer you the pleasure of vaping, with no need of spare parts or service.


Because it is discreet

Almost as thin as a pen, small, light, and elegant, you can carry it everywhere. The disposable e-cig is the ideal choice if a bigger electronic cigarette does not appeal to you. This device will suit your hand for sure!


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Because it is beginner friendly

Do you want a first taste of the magical world of vaping? A disposable e-cig is probably the best place to start. This is because it allows you to have an original vaping experience, without having to invest a lot of money in a large and complicated device, and you don’t need to have special knowledge to start using it.


Because it is easy to use

In technological terms, the disposable electronic cigarette is the ultimate “plug-and-play” experience. You just choose your favorite flavor, inhale through the mouth tip and you are ready! The ideal solution if you don’t want to deal with functions, changing liquids and maintenance.


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Because it offers a variety of flavors

Sweet, or fruity, but also traditional tobacco – whatever you like, there is a flavor for you available in a disposable e-cig. The best thing is that you can also enjoy it with no nicotine!


Is it time for you to try it?


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