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The Suitable Device for Every Vaper

The Suitable Device for Every Vaper

The world of vaping is filled with options. With a plethora of flavors and devices of different capabilities at their disposal, vapers can enjoy a solution that perfectly suits their preferences. The process of finding the right one, however, can be not only fun but also quite complex. Disposable or refillable? With a filter or without? The answer depends on what type you are! In this short guide, we have gathered the top device options that will accompany you ideally, no matter which category of vaper you identify with.


For Beginners: mono2


The most "user-friendly" form of vaping for those who are ready to take a dive into the world of vaping or have just started to enjoy their first vaping experiences, is undoubtedly disposable devices. Disposables are easy to use, cost-effective, require zero maintenance, and offer a wide variety of flavors – such as those from the mono2 and mono0% series without nicotine, which will make you fall in love with vaping.


For Experienced Vapers: Eleaf iSolo Air 2

isolo air 2

If you belong to this category, you probably already know what you're looking for: a device that will give you many options and allow you to take control of your vaping experience. We recommend the compact yet powerful Eleaf iSolo Air 2, one of the most efficient pod-mods on the market. With adjustable power up to 40W, the ability to apply and store personal settings, and exceptional battery life, it's the device you need to step up to the next level of vaping experience.


For Former Smokers: Rever ME

rever me

As a former smoker, you probably know that it's hard to overcome the power of habit. But did you know that even in vaping, you can stay as close as possible to the sensation of traditional smoking? The DA ONE's Rever ME gives you the option to vape with or without a soft tip filter so you can enjoy the experience you desire every time.


For Fashionistas: NOBACCO Irus

nobacco irus

We know that for you, whose personal style is your 'identity' and is reflected in every aspect of your life, design is important. Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice your aesthetics for your favorite habit. The sleek NOBACCO Irus is the top choice for lovers of sleek design. With 4 pastel shades to choose from, a minimal design, unique texture, and exceptional feel in the hand, it's the discreet yet stylish choice you've been looking for.


What type of vaper are you? Whatever experience you want to have with your device, you will find the one that suits you at


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