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E-Cigarette: An Ally in Smoking Cessation - New Study from the University of Bern

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A new study led by the University of Bern brings positive news for smokers looking to change their habits: the e-cigarette can be an effective tool in quitting smoking!

Researchers, who published their findings in the medical journal "The New England Journal of Medicine," investigated the effectiveness and safety of e-cigarettes as part of a comprehensive approach to smoking cessation - compared to counseling-based approaches for smoking cessation without e-cigarette use.

The results are particularly encouraging; e-cigarette users had almost double the cessation rate compared to those who did not use e-cigarettes!

This means that those interested in quitting smoking can gain a significant ally in their efforts by using e-cigarettes. However, it's not just the effectiveness in smoking cessation that makes e-cigarettes significant aid in quitting smoking. The study also found that smokers who switch from smoking to vaping have fewer health impacts. For example, coughing or phlegm production, typically symptoms of smoker's lungs, were less in those who used e-cigarettes.


electronic cigaretes

If you're among those considering quitting smoking but struggling to make the decision, now you have another reason to transition to using e-cigarettes, the first step that will help you achieve your goal.

To choose your first e-cigarette, there are some factors to consider, such as:

  • How often and how many cigarettes do you smoke?
  • Do you smoke more when you're outside or is it a habit you have when you're at home?
  • Do you smoke on the go - while walking or when you're in the car?
  • How "strong" are the cigarettes you smoke?


The answers to all of the above questions are important for the type of your first vape - whether it will be an e-cigarette or a disposable device.

However, if the vaping world seems unfamiliar to you and you don't know where to start, there's no reason to get confused!

In this detailed guide, you can learn everything you need for your first steps in vaping and, if you need personalized assistance, come to the nearest NOBACCO store, and one of our specialized associates will advise you to find the e-cigarette that will meet your needs exactly.

Find the nearest NOBACCO shop and take the first step to say goodbye to smoking!

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