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Vaping and environment: a guide to recycling


The World Environment Day, on June 5th, concerns all of us! This is because we can build a “greener” world, by doing simple, everyday moves. This procedure contains vaping, of course, since our favorite habit doesn’t need to be against the planet.

At a first level, choosing vaping over smoking, is very important for the protection of the environment. Traditional smoking has huge environmental consequences, not only due to the demands of cultivating tobacco, but also the countless cigarette butts that are discarded every day, threatening the health of soil, water and marine life.

Since you’ve done the first step, learn how to make the vaping experience even more “green”, by adding to your vaping routine an important, last step: recycling! Below you will find guidelines on how to correctly recycle every piece of your kit.


Single-use devices

The disposables, such as mono 2 and mono 0% without nicotine, have a finite lifespan as vaping devices in your hands, but they can give new "life" to countless more uses, through the process of recycling their materials.

You can dispose these devices as whole in the recycling bins that you will find in every NOBACCO Shop, especially made for this purpose.


Pre-filled pods, e-liquids & consumables

Your favorite e-liquids usually come in little plastic bottles, which are the best ”candidate” to recycle. Υou will find on them the characteristic triangle symbol that confirms it. But be careful: to recycle them properly, firstly make sure to rinse them with water, to remove any residual nicotine or other ingredients.

As for used pods, they also have their place in the special recycling bins of NOBACCO Shops, intended for all vaping devices and pods.


Mods and other devices

Everything depends on the construction of your device – if the battery is removable, you can recycle it separately in the special bins for this purpose that you will find in many parts around the city.

If you trust a NOBACCO vaping device, as soon as you want to replace it with a new one, you can withdraw it, through the Return & Recycle program, and gain a discount.


By choosing to vape, you already contribute to the protection of the planet. Now, that you know how to correctly recycle your device, carry on enjoying your favorite habit, knowing tat you already have secured a more sustainable tomorrow.


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