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NOBACCO was founded in 2008 in order to design and trade electronic cigarette products that can simulate the pleasure of smoking. Since the beginning the company was oriented to the design and distribution of high quality products, always striving to deliver the best possible vaping experience to our customers.


Quality products and customer satisfaction have been our top priority which has led us in our journey so far. NOBACCO is one of the leader companies in the hellenic e-cigarette market for the last 6 years and has always been on the front line of safety and evolution of the electronic cigarette.

 1. With continuous research and development of innovative ideas in the "Electronic cigarette" field, we are trying to design and create a wide variety of products that meet the various needs of our customers, in functional and aesthetical terms.

 2. We provide the most advanced technology, attempting to combine as possible the ease of use, with appearance, design and effectiveness.

 3. Cornerstone of NOBACCO's success is customer service. Communicating with our customers is an essential aspect of our commitment to provide quality services. We offer advices, information and support throughout our customers vaping journey.
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nobacco shop

In NOBACCO we pay special attention to the promotion and expansion of our product line. Our commercial activity is based on an extended distribution network of 600 point of sales.

Our goal is the further expansion of the distribution network as well as the qualitative and quantitative improvement of sale points.

The increase in market share imposes the need of the strategically selected franchising development in Greece. So today we are moving forward by designing the new Exclusive NOBACCO Shops and a new innovative concept store, the NOBACCO Lounge.

We have already initiated the operation of thirty (30) NOBACCO Shops and NOBACCO Lounge in Greece and Cuprus, whereas five (5) more are under construction asserting the continuous development of our company not only in Greece but also Internationally. In these stores, the consumer will not only be in contact with the entire range of NOBACCO products, but also be informed by the specialized staff about the products, new technologies and techniques.

Respect on our affiliates

In NOBACCO we develop long-term healthy partnership with every one of our affiliates-resellers and help them with management issues, expansion of their business and longer-term profitability. We provide support and constant information on products, new technologies, trends in demand and the market.

In addition, we help and support our partners to launch their business. Through our training program we aim to teach our partners to be experts in our products, so they can provide our customers with an improved and more informative shopping experience. Being able to achieve immediate orders delivery, we help our affiliates to reduce warehousing costs. In NOBACCO we seek to maintain stationery prices in order to create a stable environment for the retailer thus contributing to his profitability.


Nobacco E-liquids Safe - Certified

NOBACCO, the leader company in the e-cigarette field, participates in the research of Universities of Thessaly and Crete for the certification analysis of e-liquids.

In these recent years electronic cigarette is the smoking revolution in Greece! A revolution with fanatic followers, increasing day by day, following this new alternative way of smoking, the so called "Vaping"

NOBACCO Electronic cigarettes, are symbolizing the ultimate sense of freedom and the belief in personal choices, which are characteristics of people seeking the innovation, the taste and the delight, without the harmful consequences to themselves and those around them.
Central axis of the company’s philosophy and a key priority of NOBACCO and its people is the best possible product quality, both in electronic cigarette devices and in e-liquids.

Consequently, with a deep sense of responsibility to the Greek consumer, NOBACCO participates in a research conducted by the Universities of Thessaly and Crete, with the support of the Greek Federation of Electronic Cigarette Industry (SEEHT) for the certification and analysis of e-liquids.

This research, which today is introducing its first results, is a further confirmation of NOBACCO’s reliability. Nobacco has already acquired a certificate on 24 of its available e-liquids: Apple, Banana Foster, Caramel Apple pie, Choco Coffee Caramel, Chocolate, Desert Ship, Master Vapor, Peach Ice Tea, Rhapsody, Silver Supreme, USA Classic & USA Mix, Cherry, Plan B Tobacco, CEO, RY 4, Vanilla, Cigar, Exclusive American Tobacco, Nectar, Exclusive Tobacco, Cappuccino, Don, Golden Margy & Liquid Dream.


Collaboration with Nobacco
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