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IQOS presents to the Greek market the new innovative vaping device IQOS VEEV and introduces vaping from the beginning! With a series of novelties, IQOS marks the new era of vaping.

To start with, its design is simple and beautiful, and comes in 5 colors. It is made from a solid piece of aluminium and has a total weight of just 33gr! It has the right size to fit perfectly in every hand, it is easy to carry in a pocket and it is totally discreet. It charges incredibly quickly through its Type-C USB and the LED light shows the battery and charging level. It has a button, but you don’t have to push it in order to vape.

However, the most significant news by IQOS VEEV in the vaping category, lies inside it. It uses the revolutionary heating technology MESHTM, so the e-liquid is heated evenly and is constantly in contact with the heating grid, producing the same taste at every puff. Besides, smart digital controls prevent overheating of the device or the e-liquid. The burnt taste is left in the past, as the device powers off when the level of the e-liquid is low.

IQOS VEEV features the pulse function, a gentle vibration during inhalation that can be turned on and off with its button. The same button also controls the size of the amount of the produced vapor, from regular to low, for a more discreet experience. For even more customization, IQOS created the IQOS App, an application that connects the IQOS VEEV with smart devices, using Bluetooth, and gives you another level of experience!

More specifically, through the IQOS App the type of pulse mode and the amount of aerosol produced can be adjusted. Additionally, the vaper can set their experience, depending on the duration or the number of the puffs, but also have access to statistics (for example number of puffs per week or month). Another function of the app is the option to lock the IQOS VEEV, so if it gets to the wrong hands (underage, case of theft), it can’t be used anymore. Finally, the brightness of LED light during charging can be adjusted, so it isn’t annoying to the eye, especially in the night.

IQOS VEEV uses prefilled pods, that come in 7 different flavors and satisfy every vaper, whether they prefer tobacco flavor, mint or fruity flavor. Furthermore, VEEV pods contain high quality ingredients and are manufactured in the European Union.

IQOS VEEV is a smart vaping device that was missing from the market and is needed by all vapers. An elegant and simple device that makes everyone forget whatever might already knew about vaping, introducing advanced technology, as well as the concepts of connectivity and customization. Get it and you will realize that you were really missing it!


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