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Spring has sprung!


Get in the mood of the season and choose flavors for your device that match your temperament but, most importantly, the freshness and scents of Spring!


Numbers Six

The sweet taste of juicy strawberry blends with delightful banana in a perfectly balanced e-liquid.


Chroma - April Bloom

Chroma - April Bloom

If strawberry isn't the fruit of Spring, then what is? April Bloom from the Chroma series, with its characteristic flavor of ripe strawberry, is the perfect choice for this season.  


Sei - Cherry Cola Chup

Sweet cherries and refreshing cola come together in a delightful lollipop flavor shot that will leave you speechless.


Fruit Invasion - Cockney Mango

Fruit Invasion - Cockney Mango

How about a refreshing blend of exotic mango with tropical passion fruit to complement it? That's Cockney Mango from our new Fruit Invasion series, promising to transport you, even if only mentally, to the turquoise beaches of the Caribbean.


You Blend It! - Pop It Up

A cocktail of strawberries, kiwi, and watermelon that invites you to enjoy it on a beautiful and sunny Spring day on your balcony. Life is juicy!


Dinner Lady - Purple Rain

A colorful rain with drops of blueberry, raspberry and lemon. That's Purple Rain from the well-known Dinner Lady series, creating a wave of Spring euphoria!


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