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First time with electronic cigarette? Learn how it works.


For a new vaper, the electronic cigarette can be both enjoyable and complex. The information you receive when buying your first device may seem too much: accessories, charging routines, refilling, adjusting the power… The reality is much simpler and the transition to vaping is easier, once you are familiar with the basic functions of your device. The following short guidelines will teach you how the electronic cigarette works and what does it consist of, so that you can enjoy your vaping experience even more.


The electronic cigarette at a glance

There are a lot of differences between vaping devices, however the mechanism that makes every electronic cigarette function is the same: a source of power (battery) supplies a component that produces vapor (atomizer) by heating a liquid (e-liquid). Let’s look at each part closely.


ecigarette parts


What does it consist of:

  • Battery – built-in or not, it depends on the device that you purchase. Your first devices are more likely to have a built-in battery, which you can recharge. They power on by simply pressing a button, and this is the beginning of everything…


  • Atomizer – the component where the vapor is produced, consists of 3 parts, the following:
  • The e-liquid container
  • The mouthpiece that touches your lips
  • The replacement coil, the most important part of the atomizer

Using the power supplied by the battery, the coil heats up and turns the liquid, that is in the container, into vapor. This is the most significant difference between the electronic and the conventional cigarette, since the result of the heating is not burning, but vaporizing.


  • E- liquid – You may be already familiar with this part. Besides, finding new flavors is enjoyable – and one of the greatest points of the vaping experience! NOABCCO’s e-liquids consist of 4 basic ingredients with or without nicotine, which are written on each packaging, so that you always know what you are vaping!


Now you know all the basic functions’ details for your electronic cigarette. Keep enjoying your vaping experience and discover a wide variety of options in a NOBACCO Shop or online.

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