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Winter and electronic cigarette – 4 tips that make vaping pleasurable in low temperatures


While the cold temperatures are still around and winter isn't expected to leave us soon, it's a good time to make some adjustments to our daily vaping routine, considering the weather, which is often not our ally.

Below you will find some advice, planned to help you enjoy your vaping experience the most, during winter.


#1 Low temperatures affect the battery life

The batteries of electronic cigarettes, like all the batteries, lose part of their autonomy when exposed to low temperatures. Where is this due to? It simply affects the electrochemical reaction of the lithium ions and the graphite that acts as a conductor to produce the necessary current. As a result, the energy of the battery (i.e., its mAh) is drastically reduced, and its capacity to provide the required power. What does this mean? Less autonomy and less power.

So, the thing you could do is to maintain the temperature of the battery, especially if you vape outdoors. You could carry the device in your pocket, for it not to be exposed to the cold and ice wind, and avoid leaving it for example, on the porch or in our car when the temperature starts to drop. Easy?

The more we take care of our battery, the longer it will last, and therefore it will provide better performance.


#2 Eliquids and protection from the cold

If you believe that your battery is the only thing affected by the cold, think again. Even if the e-liquids have a lower freezing point than water, they can become thicker, blocking our coil. The main ingredients of the e-liquids are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). As PG freezes at a lower temperature than VG, it is better to choose liquids with a higher concentration of propylene glycol, such as Classic and Tabac series; they have better fluidity combined with the fact that PG is more "resistant" to low temperatures, so they are friendlier to the atomizer coil.

We can protect our e-liquids by storing them in a dark place, away from extreme temperature changes, and make sure the atomizer is always clean. If we see our e-liquid being thicker than usual, we should take it out of the atomizer and change our coil. So simple!


low tempratures


#3 Avoid abrupt puffs

As mentioned before, low temperatures affect the vaping experience, by reducing the heat and the throat hit. In other words, the heat that the atomizer usually produces for every puff, might be noticeable lighter in cold weather. That is the natural effect of cold air contacting the electronic cigarette. Additionally, the sense on the throat is also much lighter because the heat is low.

The thin that should be avoided is strong puffs, to compensate for less heat and reduced throat hit. Strong puffs could lead to shorter lifespan of the battery and the coil, and at the same time, to increased e-liquid consumption.


#4 Flavor change

If you use the same e-liquid all year long, maybe it’s time to try something new. Nobacco has a big variety of unique and amusing flavors, suitable for every season! Nevertheless, the idea of changing flavors is a very good way to maintain your interest and have the appropriate taste each season of the year.

When it comes to vaping in winter, a special suggestion is the Tabac - Violet, a flavor that can accompany you during your excursions in the snow or your winter evenings by the fireplace. Seasonal flavors, such as Chroma - Wake Up and Mon Dessert - I Accept Cookies, can set the mood perfectly for the cold time of year.


vaping winter


As you read, making little, simple and costless changes, vaping can still be your favorite habit during the winter. Now that you know what to expect, you can continue to enjoy a great vaping experience, using the tips above. And don’t forget that a Nobacco Expert is always available for you to answer any questions.

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