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Electronic cigarette for beginners: how to choose yours!


If you are new in the exciting world of vaping and electronic cigarette, it is likely that you have many questions: which device do I need? How am I going tο choose it? Is it difficult to use and maintain it?

Vaping is an enjoyable experience and we are here to help you live it at its most. So, we have prepared for you a mini shopping guide for beginners in the electronic cigarette.


Choose an easy-to-use atomizer

It would be a good idea to start with accessories that don’t require special knowledge to use them. In this category you can find the “top fill” atomizers, that are considered ideal for beginners. They are filled so easily and quickly, that re-filling them with e-liquid is simple and effortless. If you are not ready to experiment with refillable systems…


Start with refillable pods

Prefilled or “closed” pod systems are the easiest way to make your first steps into the vaping world. These closed-type devices offer an even more comfortable experience since you don’t need to worry about refilling with e-liquid. When the pod is empty, you can just replace it with a new one, containing your favorite flavor, and carry on vaping. On the plus side: prefilled systems require minimum maintenance!



Choose the right battery

A useful advice to avoid a bad surprise. The vaping experience lasts as long as the battery of your electronic cigarette is charged. Start with the correct choice, based n your habits and needs. For example, if you are outside for the longest part of the day, with no access to a charging station, choose a device with a battery that lasts long enough. On the other hand, if you make moderate or low use of your device, or you can charge it frequently, you are free to choose any device you want.


Find the shape that fits your hand

This may seem as a minor detail, but it is much more crucial than you think. If you were a conventional smoker and you are a beginner in vaping world, it is easier to understand why. There is a variety of device shapes and sizes, from big mods, to smaller ones, that you can even hold them like a real cigarette. It is important to find the one that suits you, since holding your device is part of the whole experience.


In our online store you will find a wide range of options for... rookies in electronic cigarettes, as well as for experienced vapers, so that you always have the possibility to upgrade your experience as your needs evolve.


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