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It is important to know what you are vaping


Our priority at NOBACCO always is safety and quality. We are e-liquid specialists, and it is time we spoke about the raw materials, Aquarius Project and the model analysis laboratory we created in its facilities.



At NOBACCO we are supplied nicotine, that is exclusively of plant origin and has exceptional purity (at least 99,9%), from the top Swiss producer of nicotine, ensuring world-class quality. We use propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) only from top certified producers in Europe, ensuring pharmaceutical purity greater than 99,5%. The flavorings we use in our products are selected one-by-one from the largest and most well-known companies in Greece and abroad. The fundamental quality criteria that NOBACCO has specified to its suppliers, ensure the scientifically proven suitability of the flavorings for vaping.



At NOBACCO we implement the strictest specifications at each stage of production, according to European Standards. In 2016 we established the Aquarius Project, a modern unit that specializes in producing and bottling e-liquids, according to the most demanding scientific data.



The choice of the ‘formula’ is a result of long-term research kai exhaustive testing. For each produced batch, extensive sampling is conducted, through which the final composition, the physicochemical properties and the concentration of nicotine in the final product are certified.


nobacco aquarius project



Once tasting and chemical testing has been completed, the bottling process begins, through a fully automated production line, using state-of-the-art bottling machines, that reduce the probability of error and infection, in a specially ventilated and protected from microorganisms’ area. The personnel that handles the bottling has the appropriate equipment that protects the products from external infectious agents. After bottling, the daily production goes for the final quality control test, and the insertion of the tracking codes. Finally, the products are stored in appropriately numbered places, in ideal temperature and humidity conditions, so that there is no alteration until they are sold.



In 2022 NOBACCO decided to be the first company to take the next step in quality control of e-liquids, by creating a fully equipped model analysis laboratory, in the facilities of Aquarius Project, under the scientific supervision of Dr. Dimitris Hatzinikolaou, PhD Biochemical Engineer, Associate Professor of Biotechnology in the Biology Department of the national and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The laboratory was equipped with the latest technology e-liquids analysis instruments, including a gas chromatograph, and was staffed with highly trained scientists. The purpose of the laboratory is to provide an analysis of the final mixture of each batch as to their concentration of main raw materials (nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin). In collaboration with certified university laboratory, additional testing of flavorings is conducted, for the absence of certain substances, which, based on studies, must be absent from e-liquids, such as diacetyl, acetopropionyl and tocopherol derivatives.

NOBACCO guarantees that each e-liquid vial that is distributed from the central facilities and reaches the final consumer, has an additional internal analysis certificate, proving that the active substance of nicotine is present at the concentration indicated on the label, and that the composition of the product is as specified by European legislation.

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