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May 31st: World No Tobacco Day

May 31st: World No Tobacco Day

World Health Organization (WHO) has established May 31st as World No Tobacco Day since 1987, with the aim of reminding people of the harmful effects of this habit, but also the benefits of quitting. Since then, more and more organizations, all over the world, carry out actions aimed at informing and awakening smokers, giving them motivation and ways to stop this harmful habit.

The Hellenic Pulmonology Society (HPS) actively participates again this year with the slogan "Smoking is a Chronic Disease and of the Planet". Mr Stylianos Loukidis, president of the HPS, Professor of Pulmonology at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2nd University Pulmonology Clinic of Attikon Hospital, mentioned the urgent need for the mobilization of all agencies with the aim of combating smoking, saying: “For a century, smoking has been a pandemic crisis that costs lives, burdens health systems and public health, as well as the environment. The mobilization of all of us to limit it, therefore, is of high importance”.

Stylianos Loukidis

Smokers often claim that they can’t quit smoking. Most of their efforts end unsuccessfully, indeed. More than 25% of Greeks are smokers, and 7% of them state that, while they had quit smoking, they started again during the covid lockdowns.

The truth is that smokers in Greece are not properly informed about the advantages and the ways of quitting smoking. At the same time, the demand for information about the alternative solution to smoking, is constantly increasing.

According to the findings of scientific studies, the use of alternative ways of nicotine intake, such as vaping devices and tobacco heating products, can significantly help to stop smoking for good. This is really encouraging, given the fact that in our country, smoking leads to more than 20,000 deaths every year.

“E-cigarettes can be considered a smoking cessation aid for smokers who would like to quit the habit completely” states the French Supreme Council of Public Health. The public Health Organization of the UK states that “vaping is one of the most effective ways to quit smoking”. The American Heart Association confirms that “vaping is safer than smoking”.

Alternative ways of consuming nicotine, in addition to being considered safer, give us an additional series of advantages. Our personal space stays clean; the aerosol which is produced, dissolves very quickly. In addition, the available flavors are not only similar to traditional tobacco, offering a bigger variety, therefore many more options for pleasure! The economical advantage is also important. Studies show that a smoker of one pack per day can save up to 700€ every year, if they use alternative kind products.

Start your effort today, on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day. Whichever way you choose, the benefits are going to be significant and capable of changing your life!

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