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Vaping Changed Your Life Too?

Vaping Changed My Life

Share your experience and support the first Greek campaign in favor of vaping!

The "Vaping Changed My Life" campaign, organized by the independent Non-Governmental Organization European Expression with the support of Nobacco, invites Greek vapers to raise their voices and share their personal experiences on how they managed to quit smoking with the help of vaping.


Campaign Objective

The campaign aims to inform and raise awareness among Members of the European Parliament about how vaping serves as a potentially reduced-risk alternative to traditional smoking. This is particularly crucial as the European Parliament discusses the European Beating Cancer Plan, a plan that threatens to equate vaping with conventional smoking.


Why Does the Beating Cancer Plan Matter?

The Beating Cancer Plan proposes a) a ban on flavors in electronic cigarettes, b) price increases through the European Specific Excise Duty, c) a ban on cross-border sales, and d) a ban on vaping in outdoor public spaces.


What is the Vaping Changed My Life campaign?

The campaign's official website presents videos and real-life testimonials from former smokers and current vapers who share their stories of how they successfully quit smoking and changed their lives for the better through vaping.


Why is this a historic opportunity to support the vaping campaign?

✔️ 80% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking, resulting in an estimated 700,000 annual deaths.

✔️ Millions of former smokers have quit their harmful habit by transitioning to vaping.

✔️ It is now more crucial than ever for the EU to include vaping in the Cancer Plan as part of its prevention pillar.


How can you help:

✔️ Sign the International Protest Document available on

✔️ Send an email to a Greek Member of the European Parliament to inform them about how vaping has changed your life.

✔️ Share your video on social media, mentioning @MEPmention and using the hashtag #VapingChangedMyLife.


Take action today! Support the campaign and contribute to the change!


Learn more about the first Greek campaign in favor of vaping on the website or visit one of the Nobacco stores for more information.

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