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What flavor should I get for my e-cig?


Choosing a flavor for your electronic cigarette is not an easy case! The available flavors are so many, so you don’t know what to try first. This variety, though, is an enjoyable experience, and the hundreds of flavors that NOBACCO has to offer you, makes your experience even more interesting! Here are our suggestions to help you choose your flavor for your vaping device, according to your tastes.


If you prefer fruity flavors

Fruity flavors are a safe and favorite choice for many vapers. If you are new in the vaping world, experimenting with such flavors is a good idea for the beginning, as they can make vaping even more fun and satisfying. The available choices are plenty: tropical fruits, such as Fruit Invasion - Cockney Mango, or the refreshing and juicy Chroma - Summerize which tastes like watermelon, or even the Flavor Shot Just Apple with a soft apple flavor.


If you’re craving for something… sweet!

Sometimes you might want to vape for your… pleasure! Enjoy your favorite dessert with no worries, choosing amongst a series of delicious flavors and rich aromas. Chocolate, cookie or candy? Whichever flavor you keep in your favorite sweet memories, this category of e-liquids will make you re-live them. The I Accept Cookies will make you taste crispy cookies, the Praline Waffle the most chocolaty waffle and the Mela Caramela the treat of your childhood – caramelized  apple.

mon dessert


If you love tobacco flavors

Those of you who have a more traditional taste, can focus on e-liquids that are similar to classic tobacco flavors. In this flavor range there is a variety of classic tobacco flavors, more or less aromatic, more or less intense. We suggest that you try Tabac - Noir if you love a strong tobacco taste, the aromatic Regular - Intenso with vanilla aftertaste, or the distinctive Classic - Cigar with a full cigar taste.


If you are looking for something special

As an experienced vaper you might have already tasted some or all of the above suggestions, and you might be in search of something brand new. For you we recommend some of the most unconventional flavors in the market. For an unforgettable fruity experience, give a chance to the special Flavor Shot Sei - Amaro Rosso – a bittersweet cocktail of sanguine juice with a few drops of aperitif. If you prefer something sweet, try the Flavor Shot Sei - Cherry Cola Chup – a delightful mix of cherry and cola drink. And if you seek an eccentric min, you should try the Premium Black - Secret Skies with hints of coffee, cocoa, bitter chocolate and vanilla.


No matter which flavor you are going to choose, it is important that you know what you are vaping. NOBACCO e-liquids are produced and bottled under the strictest protocols, and every batch of production is going under quality tests by our model laboratory. This is why you can enjoy the flavor you love, safely!

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