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Α more appropriate legislative framework for electronic cigarettes could potentially save the lives of approximately 200 million people


The report, published by the World Vapers Alliance and the Consumer Choice Center, examined 61 countries worldwide and their legislative framework regarding electronic cigarettes. The research demonstrated that with regulatory measures that facilitate and encourage users to switch to e-cigarettes as a means of quitting smoking, nearly 196 million smokers would turn to vaping to break their harmful habit.


Commenting on the highly interesting study, Michael Landl, the Head of the World Vapers Alliance, said, "While the benefits of vaping over smoking have been known for some time, this new study shows us the potential of e-cigarettes: Almost 200 million lives could be saved. If the COVID pandemic has shown us anything during this period, it is that our health is of utmost importance and legislators who want to help people quit smoking should be guided by scientific evidence".


The World Vapers Alliance and the Consumer Choice Center studied 61 countries, comparing the current rates of daily and occasional vapers. The policies for harm reduction from smoking implemented by the United Kingdom served as a reference point. Based on this, the number of smokers who could switch to vaping was evaluated.

Fred Roeder, on behalf of the Consumer Choice Center, stated regarding the research, "Smart e-cigarette advertising targeting smokers, prominent presence in comparison to traditional cigarettes, lower taxation rates, and public health authorities supporting, based on scientific evidence, that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking—these are what the United Kingdom has implemented, successfully saving the lives of thousands of smokers".


Specifically, in England, the Public Health Agency, part of the UK Department of Health, advises smokers to quit traditional cigarettes and switch to e-cigarettes. This policy has been accompanied by relevant legislation. As a result of this approach, the United Kingdom has seen significant results in reducing the number of smokers compared to other countries. It is not coincidental that approximately 25% fewer people smoke in England today compared to 2013, while Australia, a country known for having some of the strictest legislative restrictions on vaping, has only seen an 8% reduction. France, Canada, and New Zealand are following the example of England, experiencing significant results as well.


To support the research findings, the World Vapers Alliance and the Consumer Choice Center have created an interactive map showing how many smokers could potentially benefit from switching to vaping under a progressive legislative framework.

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