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«Vaping demystified»

«Vaping demystified»

This is the title of an interesting campaign created by Yorkshire Cancer Research in collaboration with healthcare professionals, aiming to debunk all the myths and misconceptions surrounding vaping and to provide smokers with essential information to make responsible decisions.

With the campaign and the accompanying video, Yorkshire Cancer Research seeks to highlight the importance of vaping, as scientific evidence shows that vaping is much less harmful than smoking. Switching from smoking to vaping can significantly improve smokers' health compared to continuing smoking.


What is Yorkshire Cancer Research? It is the largest independent cancer charity in England, which, as part of its commitment to reducing smoking rates in the Yorkshire region, has launched the "Vaping Demystified" campaign to restore the truth about vaping and dispel long-standing misconceptions that discourage smokers from making the switch.


Events presented in the video

The video features opinions from experts in the field of health, such as pulmonologists, general practitioners, researchers, public health experts, and smoking cessation specialists.

Vaping demystified


Myths Busted

I have read that vaping is equally harmful as smoking. Is it true?

Vaping is less harmful than smoking. When someone switches from conventional cigarettes to vaping, they are likely to experience significant health benefits. Yorkshire Cancer Research supports the use of vaping products as an important smoking cessation tool, a position also promoted by Public Health England. In their recent independent report on vaping, PHE emphasized that "vaping is a better and more effective method for quitting smoking compared to nicotine replacement therapies".


Vaping products are not available on prescription through the National Health Service in England. Does this mean they are not regulated, and how do we know what ingredients they contain?

England has some of the strictest regulations in the world for vaping products. These regulations ensure that the products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and packaging requirements. They also require necessary indications and labeling to provide consumers with all the information they need to make informed choices. Moreover, all manufacturers of vaping products are required to provide precise details of their products to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the United Kingdom, including a list of all their ingredients.


I have heard that vaping products can cause explosions and fires. Is it true?

Fires caused by electronic cigarettes are as rare and as likely as fires caused by mobile phones. When they occur, they are most likely due to battery malfunctions. Therefore, vapers should not leave their devices unattended on chargers throughout the night. The risk of fire from vaping products is significantly lower compared to lit cigarettes, which are the leading cause of death in households, causing approximately 2,000 fires each year.


We were slow to learn about the health effects and risks of smoking. How can we know if vaping products are safe?

These specific products have been available in England since 2007 and have been extensively studied by the scientific community. According to the data, vaping products are less harmful than conventional cigarettes and are considered an effective way to quit smoking.


I have read that vaping products can cause harm to the lungs. Is it true?

Some time ago, there were media reports about outbreaks of lung disease (EVALI) in the United States. These cases were related to the use of illegal THC products and the addition of vitamin E acetate, a substance that is banned in England under the 2016 Tobacco Products Directive. Therefore, the risk of an English e-cigarette user developing EVALI is extremely low, given that all vaping devices comply with the current UK regulatory framework.


For more information about the "Vaping Demystified" campaign, you can visit the following website.

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