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NOBACCO “Brand of the Year” at UX | CX Awards 2022


In this year's UX | CX Awards, NOBACCO starred, winning the top title "Brand of the Year" for the effectiveness of the strategy, through which customers and users were offered a unique digital experience.

The top award of the event, that was held for the first time on Wednesday, November 2nd by Boussias communications, was accompanied by six more awards for NOBACCO. Amongst them, was the Platinum Award for the Best Use of Digital CX Solutions & UX Implementation, won for a project implemented in collaboration with Plushost.

“For all of us in NOBACCO, it is a great honor to participate and get awarded by an institution that not only highlights effective practices, but also contributes to the overall upgrade of the digital experience in the Greek market. We want to thank our partners, Plushost SA, who understand and respond to our constant care to create value in everything we do.” said Panagiotis Rokkos, E-Commerce Manager of NOBACCO.

The ensemble of honors was completed by 4 Gold Awards in the categories Best E-shop, Best Use of Customer Platform, Best Use of AI / Machine Learning και Best CX in Online / Mobile and one Bronze Award in the category Best Customer Experience During Crisis. The evaluation of the nominations in the event was undertaken by a review committee, consisting of 45 representatives of companies, institutions and academics.


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“NOBACCO has always been known for the high-level customer experience offered by our colleagues in physical stores. Our challenge was for the to be a landmark, not only of the optimal online shopping experience but also of the implementation of innovative services that create value for the consumer, offering personalized solutions, beginning a new era for the company's relationship with customers, recreating the same experience as in the physical store, in the eshop," added Mr. Rokkos.

The UX | CX Awards have a vision to highlight innovative projects, practices and solutions that create memorable, high-quality digital customer/user experiences, putting them at the center of attention. The goal is for the organization to become a benchmark institution in the future for the fields of user experience and customer experience, presenting all the latest trends and developments in the field.

For us at NOBACCO, ensuring an enjoyable experience for our customers, both in physical stores and in our e-shop, is always a priority. Our award in each of the above categories is an opportunity to renew this commitment and inspires us to continue to look for new ways to upgrade the service experience we offer to our customers.

Thank you to our team and partners for their continued support in this venture!


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