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Hello Summer!

Hello Summer!

If you're looking for flavors to refresh you during the hot days of summer, then take a look at the following suggestions!


Chroma - Coral Juice

The taste of juicy, fresh, and delicious peach as it emerges from the Coral Juice of the Chroma Nobacco series is perfect for the early heat!


Classic Vg - Exotic Medley

The fruit that has the magical ability to transport you to the most exotic places on the planet, mango, is combined with the sweet taste of cream in this e-liquid. Pure bliss!


Fruit Invasion - Grape Mate

A luscious combination of juicy red grapes and a mix of berries. An enjoyable granita that's hard to resist!

Fruit Invasion - Grape Mate


Dinner Lady - Strawberry Bikini

Strawberries smashed with ice and dropped into a cloudy lemonade, bursting at the seams with sharp lemony goodness.


You Blend It! - Pop It Up

The ultimate refreshing cocktail with strawberries, kiwi, and watermelon! The ideal companion for beautiful summer evenings.


Just - Cherry

Whenever you hear about this cherry flavor, make sure to have a big basket ready! Red, juicy cherries, ready for vaping!

nobacco Just - Cherry

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