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Best Logistics Strategy Award at Franchise Awards 2022


The Best Logistics Strategy award was won by Nobacco at the 14th Franchise Awards, held on Wednesday, 02/02/2022, in Gazarte.

This award is a recognition of our effort in the successful supply chain strategy through which NOBACCO has increased performance and created added value, both for the Partner franchisees and for its consumers.

Monitoring the needs as well as the trends of the market, we create services and programs that ensure a high quality of service, while investing in modern innovative solutions in an already advanced market.

“The unpredicted circumstances of the last two years were a real challenge for the logistics department. At Nobacco, they were a cause for investments in modern methods, such as Speedy, an innovative service that turns our physical stores into part of our e-shop. In this way, we managed to effectively maintain our central supply chain and give to our Partners franchisees the opportunity to increase their profit. At the same time, our online cutomers receive their order within 2 hours from the moment they place it.” Said Mr. Nikos Liberopoulos, Logistics Manager at Nobacco.


Best Logistics Strategy Award


The FRANCHISE AWARDS are held every year, since 2008, by the FRANCHISE BUSINESS magazine, with the support of, and are the most established franchising institution in our country. They are supported by all the associations of the wider industry and are the leading event for franchising in our country, with the aim of strengthening and further spreading it, as well as highlighting the best practices in the industry.

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