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10 tips to sleep early on Thursday night

10 tips to sleep early on Thursday night

Friday morning brings the authentic Black Friday to NOBACCO's stores and eshop.

Therefore, on Thursday night, make sure to go to bed early so that you can be ready on Friday morning to start shopping for your favorite products or those you've been craving but couldn't afford.

To help you avoid tossing and turning, scrolling through social media, counting the remaining hours of sleep, and turning your desire to fall asleep into yet another stressful factor that keeps you awake, we present you with a list of techniques to help you reach the dreamland faster and improve your overall sleep hygiene.


1. Limit electronic devices in the bedroom

Limit electronic devices in the bedroom

Devices such as the TV and mobile phone emit blue light, which suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone necessary for restful and deep sleep. Additionally, the temptation for one last scroll on your mobile remains when it's right next to you, stealing precious time from your already limited and valuable rest. Alternatively, you can read a good book or listen to relaxing music.


2. Limit alcohol and caffeine

coffee on bed

While an afternoon coffee or an evening cocktail may be enjoyable habits, they actually disrupt our sleep. Since caffeine takes about 4 to 6 hours to leave our bodies, it would be wise to set the time for our last coffee of the day, ensuring it doesn't have a negative impact on our evening relaxation.


3. Eat a light meal before bedtime

light night meal

Large and heavy meals late at night make digestion difficult and affect the way we sleep. Research has shown that consuming a handful of almonds two hours before bedtime has a beneficial effect on good sleep by keeping blood sugar levels stable while we sleep, while the magnesium they contain helps us sleep peacefully.


4. Create a restful sleep environment


A good mattress that provides comfort and support for our body, the right room temperature (between 16°C and 18°C), and the pleasant scent of lavender can create a pleasant and relaxing setting that will help improve the quality of our sleep.


5. Don't look at your clock


Glancing at our clock to see how many hours of sleep are left increases anxiety and ultimately prevents our bodies from relaxing.

Useful tip: Lock your clock in a drawer or place it somewhere where you won't have direct contact with its screen.


6. Focus on your breath


"Slow down and focus on your breath to calm your mind, nervous system, and relax your muscles," advises sleep consultant Maryanne Taylor. Those who practice meditation and life coaching know very well how proper breathing plays an important role and helps us relax quickly. One exercise suggested by the expert is the practice of "equal breathing," where you focus on inhaling and exhaling for the same length of time.


7. Reduce any light sources

night mask

After turning off the TV, carefully check if there are any other light sources in the room. Light acts as a deterrent for a restful sleep, as our bodies perceive it as a signal to stay awake. If you can't control the light, consider getting a sleep mask!


8. Massage behind your ear

Massage behind your ear

An excuse for a massage is always welcome. Acupuncture experts recommend rubbing your ear with circular motions 100 to 200 times, as this motion calms the nervous system.


9. Avoid tossing and turning in your bed

turning in your bed

Turning in our bed is a natural reaction when we can't fall asleep. However, by doing so, we increase nervousness and prolong insomnia.

It is preferable to get up from bed for 20 minutes and do something relaxing, then return for a new attempt when we truly feel calm.


10. Have a cup of chamomile tea

chamomile tea

People have used herbs to overcome insomnia for over two thousand years. Caffeine-free herbal infusions help us relax through natural chemical compounds that induce sleep. Try having a cup of chamomile or lavender tea before lying down, as they have mild calming properties.


ΑThis week, with your purchases at NOBACCO's stores and eshop, a small surprise gift awaits you to help you relax and sleep early on Thursday night!

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