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What is the e-Cigarette and how does it work?


E-cigs are devices that can produce vapor thus resembling the act of smoking and can be used as a safer alternative to traditional smoking.

They can substitute successfully the 4 main elements of smokers satisfaction.

  • The behavioral aspect: Holding a device.
  • The optical satisfaction: Observing the vapor we exhale after a puff.
  • The nicotine addiction: The vaper gets the daily dosage of nicotine that he needs.
  • The oral and taste satisfaction: E-liquid can resemble quite successfully the flavor of tobacco.

E-cigs come in many shapes and sizes:


An E-cig consists of the following components:

  • A power source (Battery).
  • A part responsible for the vaporizing process (Atomizer).
  • Liquid that gets vaporized (E-liquid).


In the following pictures you can see the parts of an E-cig:


The device/battery delivers the required power to the atomizer thus achieving the vaporizing of the e-liquid.

The 2 main components of an E-cig

1) Device/Battery: The power source that determines theoveralperformance of our E-cig.

2) Atomizer: It consists of a reservoir/tank for the e-liquid, the replaceable coil head and the mouthpiece that comes in contact with our mouth.

1) Device / Battery

2) Atomizer


How does it work?

The battery delivers the required energy to the heating element that resides inside the replaceable coil head.

Next the wicking material which is in direct contact with the heating element, absorbs the e-liquid and vapor is produced due to the rise in temperature.


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