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NOBACCO supports the "Ark of the World" and the "raft"


With the message "Let's do something great together!" we invite our customers to support the "Ark of the World" and the "raft" this year in an act of love and solidarity.

For the 4th year in a row, we are supporting the "Box of the World" by donating 1 euro for each device purchased in one of the stores in our privately owned network or in the e-shop from December 14th to January 7th. At the same time, those who make any purchase through during the same period have the possibility to offer an additional 1 euro, either to the "World Ark" or to the "schedia".

"Kivotos tou Kosmos" is a Voluntary Non-Profit Organization that has been active since 1998 and addresses first and foremost to young unprotected children both from single-parent families and without parents, who experience difficult conditions, neglect, abandonment and absence of medical care. "schedia" is the only Greek street magazine which, like all its international counterparts, is sold exclusively on the streets of the city by accredited sellers who are proven to live below the poverty line, among them the homeless and the unemployed.

"And this year, as in all the last years, we stand by the moving effort of father Antonio and the other people of the "World Ark" who for more than two decades offer affection and hope to hundreds of children. We are also close to the sellers of the "plan" because this year's special conditions have added another obstacle to the fight they are fighting with dignity to secure the basics for their survival. In a year that we'd probably like to forget, it's worth remembering that some small acts still count and that we can, in a different way, embrace some of the many out there who need us."

Areti Deli, CSR Officer of Nobacco and head of the "Let's do something great together!" campaign.


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