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NOBACCO, wishing to actively support the non-profit organization "ORAMA ELPIDAS", contributing to the goal of strengthening the operation of the Bone Marrow Donor Volunteer Bank, organized a speech at its headquarters on Tuesday 30 January 2018 for our employees, in co-operation with the club itself, during which they were informed of the organization’s purpose and action.

Participants were briefed on the simple and quick process of compatibility testing performed by sampling during registration and for the donation procedure that is totally safe and 100% painless for the donor. During the briefing, it was stresses that patients in need are suffering from very serious illnesses that risk their lives. As compatibility between donor and patient is extremely rare, coupled with the fact that the only solution for them is the implant, makes the need for donation imperative.

The event, which started as an informational meeting, resulted in a moving and massive turnout of staff. In fact, the participants described the whole process as one of the most important actions they took part in, while most of our employees, together with the CEO of the company, Markos Markopoulos, are now bone marrow donors.


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