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Charge - maintainance for devices/batteries

In order to optimize the operation and the maximum possible safety of your electronic cigarette, it is essential to observe specific rules and precautions for its use and storage.


Tips - Precautions


1. Charging the device should always be under your supervision. Frequently check your device for overheating during charging.

2. The wall adapter’s current output must not exceed the maximum current input of the device, as indicated in the user manual of each device. Please consult the user manual of your device, as there is a potential risk of permanent destruction. In the event of incorrect charging, the warranty expires.

Output - Input

3. At the end of the charging process, you should immediately disconnect the device and the wall adapter from the power supply. This serves for the best operation and longevity of your device's battery.

4. Before connecting the charging cable with the device, please check the cable for any damage and the correct installation direction. Incorrectly installing the charging cable can permanently damage the device.

Καλώδιο Φόρτισης

5. If the device offers pass-through charging function, it is recommended to avoid frequent use of the pass-through for optimal longevity of the device and its battery. When using pass-through, there is a possibility for the device to overheat. In this case, if the device has become too hot, please stop using it and disconnect the device from the charger.

6. Using non-CE marked removable batteries may cause damage to the device. Before using any removable battery in a device, please refer to the user manual of the device where it specifies the type of battery as well as the minimum discharging requirements.

Αποσπώμενες Μπαταρίες

7. Check the polarity of the battery before inserting it into the device.

8. Please carry and store the removable batteries in a carrying case and according to the instructions on their packaging.

Αποσπώμενες Μπαταρίες

9. Do not connect the positive one to the negative pole of the battery with a cable or any other metallic object.

Θετικός- Αρνητικός πόλος

10. Do not wet, in any way, or immerse the removable batteries in any liquid.

11. Do not puncture or otherwise damage the outer shell of the removable batteries.

Μην τρυπάτε

12. In the event of a fall, impact or damage to the outer shell of a removable battery, avoid using it and obtain a new one.

13. In the event of a fall, impact or crushing of the device, make sure that no damage has occurred before using it. All parts of the device must be firmly attached to each other. Please do not use the device if it has cracked or deformed parts. The defective parts must be replaced before use.

Σε περίπτωση πτώσης

14. Transfer and store the device turned off and separately from metal objects.

15. Do not puncture or otherwise damage the outer shell of the device. In this case, please contact NOBACCO.

Μην τρυπάτε, μην καταστρέφετε

16. Do not short-circuit the positive (+) and negative (-) poles of the device with a wire or any other metal object.

17. Do not wet, in any way, or immerse the device in any liquid.

Μη βρέχετε τη συσκευή

18. Always use official replacement parts and accessories for the device to avoid malfunction or damage.


Storage Instructions


1. The product should be kept out of reach of children.

2. Do not use or store the product in places with excessive humidity and/or very high or low temperatures.

High-Low Temp

3. If you do not intend to use the device for a long time, disconnect the atomizer and charge the battery. You should recharge the device once a month.

4. If the device uses removable battery, remove it from the device and charge it at least 80% before storing it.

Φόρτιση 80%


Any deviation from the instructions above may not only damage the device but pose a risk to its safe operation.

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