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Exotic fruit cocktail with plenty of ice. A cool dive in enjoyment!

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Summer 2019


Dreams with colors borrowed from the Greek islands.

Flavors which they remind of summer memories.

A familiar scent that travels you to the carefree holidays.


Juicy exotic fruits, blueberries and raspberries, sweet watermelon and the ultimate Greek summer drink, ouzo, mingle with each other in imaginative combinations that guarantee a refreshing swim in enjoyment!

Summer 2019 flavors are packaged and dispensed in a 60ml vial, with Child Lock cap and Tamper Evident.


The vial contains 20ml flavour and its composition consists of high quality (USP grade) propylene glycol (PG) and flavorings.


CAUTIONThis product is a concentrated flavour and needs further dissolution. It is not intended for cosmetic use. 



Aquarius Project was established through the pioneer alliance of NOBACCO and LMBI (Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology), Pharmaceutical Dept, Patras University.


NOBACCO’s partnership with the LMBI, Pharmaceutical Dept, Patras University is a pioneer initiative which puts the collaboration of the academic community with the private sector into practice, following the international trend to connect production with knowledge and innovation.


AQUARIUS PROJECT is the first company in Greece that emerged with the sole purpose of specializing in the production of e-liquids. All manufacturing procedures adhere to the strictest international standards.


The company’s driving force is the investment in the Greek research and innovation, such as the formation of the strategic alliance with the LMBI (Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology), Pharmaceutical Dept, Patras University from 2014 to 2019.


Aquarius Project’s mission is to develop innovative products for millions of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems’ users (ENDS) in the world, abiding by the strictest international standards.


Its vision is to create a line of products that will gain the trust of vapers around the world, and will add value to the production and entrepreneurship of Greece.


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