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Luxury Vaping



Prestige is an elegant small device characterized by its soft touch, attractive colors and simplicity of use.

With its built-in battery (900mAh), provides excellent autonomy in tiny size, making it an ideal choice for all day use.

Its lightness and its 3 distinctive colorations are the elements which make it irreplaceable!

Kit Includes

1 x Prestige battery

1 x Prestige glassomizer with 1.6 Ohm coil head

User Manual

  • Details
  • Technical Characteristics
  • Warranty

3 Voltage Modes


Prestige features a regulated power supply which maintains optimum performance irrespective of battery reserve variations to allow you to enjoy an all-day vaping experience!


The device offers 3 voltage output modes (3.4V, 3.8V, 4.2V) that can be monitored by the led indication system.

Dimensions and Design


Prestige is a small and impressive device.

With small height (129mm) and 22 x 19mm dimensions (atomizer attached), it will definitely be a love at first sight.


Its texture is a unique combination of Soft touch in Rubberized material.


The included type 510 atomizer has a Pyrex glass tank of 1.9 ml capacity and is also equipped with air flow control system.


Prestige uses 1.6 Ohm coil heads with organic cotton.

Battery and Charging


With its built-in battery of 900mA capacity, Prestige offers exceptional autonomy for such a tiny size.


With a smart color system, the light above the function button indicates the battery level:


White light: 60% - 100%

Blue light: 20% - 59%

Red light: 0% - 19%


Finally, with Charge & Vape system you will never run out of battery.


More Information
Dimensions 129 x 22 x 19mm
Atomizer capacity 1.9ml
Voltage Output 3.4V / 3.8V / 4.2V  
Build-in Battery Prestige battery capacity: 900 mAh
Passthrough charging system The passthrough charging system allows you to continue vaping while Prestige is being charged
Lock system from unwanted use The activation/deactivation of the battery can be easily achieved by pressing the activation button 4 consecutive times  
Cut-off If the activation button is held for over 10 seconds, the device will stop its operation and will resume its operation after the button has been released and re-pressed
Thread Compatibility 510
Available Colors Black, Blue, Red

The device is covered by 6 months warranty and the atomizer by 3 days warranty. For any warranty claims, a valid Proof of Purchase is required.

The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect or failure to follow the instructions included with the device or any repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by NOBACCO.



  • Please read the instructions carefully, for the proper use of the product.
  • A 20% loss of battery cell capacity due to wear and tear is considered normal (approximately 180mAh) during warranty time.
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