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Heavy, rich, aromatic tobacco flavour.

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Suggested dilution percentage: 2%


DIY (Do It Yourself) is making your own e-liquids, by combining a vaping base and one or more concentrated flavours. Thus, anyone can create their own e-liquid at the desired ratio of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), as well as the level of nicotine.


Dilution of concentrated flavour


Each flavour has its own suggested dilution percentage. This means that if a flavour has suggested dilution percentage of 5%, by mixing 5ml of concentrated flavour with 95ml of a vaping base, 100ml e-liquid will be obtained.

1ml of flavour corresponds to about 30-32 drops.


This way, you calculate with relative precision the percentage of flavour you will mix with the base. The concentrated flavour is mixed with the vaping base after the nicotine level is regulated.


When adding flavour, for example 5%, we dilute basically the vaping base. So, by putting 5% flavour in a Balanced base with 20mg/ml nicotine, we automatically dilute it by 5% (since the flavour does not contain nicotine) and our final e-liquid contains 20 - (5% * 20) = 19mg/ml nicotine.


Mixing 2 or more flavours


When a flavour has 5% suggested dilution percentage and a second flavour 5% and we want to mix them with a vaping base, we should add 5-6% of the flavour mixture and not 5% of each flavour separately. If we add 5% of each flavour individually, our e-liquid will eventually have a 10% flavour, which will result in an over-flavoured e-liquid.


If flavours of different suggested mixing percentage, for example green apple (3%) and caramel (5%) are to be mixed, take care to have a corresponding proportion of flavours to each other. In the final e-liquid, we will add, for example, about 2% apple and 3% caramel, in order to get the caramelized green apple.


Instructions / Precautions


This flavour is highly concentrated and is not intended for direct vaping. It has to be correctly mixed with vaping DIY bases.

Flavour concentrates come in 10ml glass dropper bottles. Flavour concentrates do not contain any nicotine.


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