In a recent article Cancer Research UK, underlines the utility of e-cigarettes in smoking cessation. Actually it is mentioned tha e-cigarettes should be  recommended as another tool that smokers who want to quit smoking can use to succeed. Cancer Research UK is a cancer research and awareness charity in the United Kingdom, formed on 4 February 2002 by the merger of The Cancer Research Campaign and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Today, there are many ways to combat smoking addiction, and behavioural support plus prescription medication through Stop Smoking Services remains the most effective way.

But every now and then a new technology emerges that’s capable of changing the landscape. And for smokers, the most recent of these developments has been the rapid rise of the e-cigarette.

Almost three million people are using e-cigarettes in Great Britain today, and many are doing so in an attempt to give up smoking. In fact, a recent study found that e-cigarettes could have helped an additional 18,000 smokers ditch the cigs for good in England in 2015.

There are several examples of smokers tried and finally succeeded to quit smoking with Stop Smoking Services and electronic cigarettes' help.

E-cigarettes work by producing a nicotine vapour that you breathe in much the same way as you would through a tobacco cigarette. But with e-cigarettes, the nicotine isn’t joined by the thousands of other chemicals that are contained in tobacco smoke, many of which cause cancer.

As nicotine is the substance that keeps people addicted to tobacco, an e-cigarette is able to satisfy the craving in a far safer way than smoking.

If you’re a smoker, the best thing you can do for your health is to stop using tobacco products, and the sooner you quit, the better for your health. It’s never too late to stop.

Stopping smoking can also be much kinder to your wallet. On switching to e-cigarettes, it is estimitated that you can save even £100 a month.

Stop Smoking Services are in place to do exactly what you might expect. As e-cigarettes have been shown to be 60 per cent more effective on their own than going cold turkey, it’s a no-brainer that some services have started to integrate them into their plans.

Dr Joanna Miler, who ran the service used by Erika, said that this decision was based on simply being able to offer another option for those looking to quit.

''The great thing about e-cigarettes is we can consider them another tool when we’re creating a tailored stopping plan for each individual person'', she says..

And continued: ''For people who’ve tried other options before and not succeeded they can be really appealing, or those who have a strong behavioural link with the action of smoking. To break the habit, we often recommend people start on a particular level of nicotine and then reduce it over timeYou can get e-cigarettes with zero nicotine in them, and sometimes these work to transition people away from tobacco too''.

But guidance from the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) recommends support for people using an e-cigarette as part of a quit attempt.

The latest review of the evidence continues to suggest that e-cigarettes can help people to stop smoking.




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